Living out of Brazil: house or home?
Mar 4, 2021

In the past few years, the number of Brazilians seeking new places in European countries has increased significantly. This report by the newspaper El País points out that Brazilian immigration to OECD countries grew 24% in 2017. Whether for personal reasons, study, transfer at work or the search for a more promising future, it is undeniable that we are spreading across the continent and creating roots away from the city where we were born.

And changing countries is a delight! We get in touch with other cultures, try a lot of different foods, meet new people and have the opportunity to draw another design for our lives. There is that constant sensation of novelty, of curiosity, that pioneering driving force. In other words, it is almost like going back to childhood: people relearning to express themselves in a foreign language, to walk through new streets, to try new sensations.

But immigrating also means missing your family and friends, dreaming of “farofa” and shivering in the long, dark winter of the northern hemisphere that we were not used to. And it is when this void hits that we reflect what we really lack.

There are many ways to overcome these obstacles. You can invest in long video calls with the people you love, try to travel to a warmer country even in January, or even look for “paçoca” on Amazon, crossing your fingers so that the shipping costs are not absurdly expensive. There is also another solution for feeling good: making your new house a home.

Casa da Ju is a company that believes in the transformative power that a space has in a person’s life and well-being. For us, a space that reflects your personality, that serves your desires and adapts to your daily life can not only change your relationship with the country where you live, but reconnect you with what is important to you.

Casa da Ju helps you create a space of comfort and familiarity, a new home, even away from your Brazilian home. We offer services to transform your home abroad, considering your personal taste, the possibilities that the space needs to offer you and, of course, the budget that fits in your pocket. From simple renovations for your freshly purchased houses to small touches of affective decoration in rented spaces, we have the solution to help you feel at home again.

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